Travel is powerful. Whether we roam around the world or simply stroll over the river and through the wood, travel is transformative and defining. You cannot take a trip of any sort or magnitude without learning something about the world… Read More ›


An adventure Muse of mine told me once that “adventure” is a French word that means, “crummy planning.” The explorers and pioneers, the sailors and soldiers of old, whose lives we now see as the epitome of adventure – they… Read More ›


When you begin to travel and participate in outdoor adventures, you start noticing that things are not always as they should be in the great outdoors. Whether you encounter consequences of global warming, plastic trash choking our oceans and marine… Read More ›


Food is one of the most important cultural experiences that we have as human beings.  Food is definitive of your culture or sub-culture. Whether we are tending a garden,  preparing a meal with a child, or breaking bread together, there… Read More ›

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  • Muscadines, scuppernongs, & bullaces

    It’s that time of year again – time for our iconic southern muscadine grapes to produce their green, purple, black, and golden fruits. Beyond picking them for table grapes, or “eating grapes” as we call them, Muscadine is a staple… Read More ›

  • Daughter Nature

    Blog Entry date, July something, 2020 – year of the Quarantine… A little more than two years ago Pat and I had one of those marriage “AH HA!” moments, a turning point that would change every aspect of our happy… Read More ›

  • 10 Essentials – a hat

    Does the man make the hat, or does the hat make the man?  In either case, one of the ten essentials that we are often advised to take with us on an outdoor adventure is a hat. A good hat… Read More ›

  • Beach Cake Confessions

    Elise here, and I need to share a thing or three.  Yeah, confession time. I confess this cake was a selfish indulgence. I confess it felt REALLY BAD to mar the artistry of this confection to slice it for sharing…. Read More ›

  • Paddling Lake Tangipahoa

    Recently I re-read Ernest Herndon’s classic 2001 travelogue/guidebook, Canoeing Mississippi, and it has reignited my interest in paddling.  In his book, Herndon discusses the ins and outs, the pros and cons, of every navigable waterway in the state, complete with… Read More ›


    Mississippi and adjoining Louisiana are not often thought of as a hiker’s paradise, mostly because of the ungodly heat, humidity, reptiles, and insects. It turns out that those are relatively minor obstacles and if you can get past those, there… Read More ›

  • Survive oppressive heat when hiking

    Travelling in the southern U.S.? Going on an adventure to a tropical or subtropical or desert environment Planning on canyoneering in the summer? Here is a handful of helpful hints for surviving outdoor adventures in the extreme heat. Drink lots… Read More ›