BEST OF 2019-2020

Whew! the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 has been a crazy time for the Roaming Parkers – just like for everyone else in the world!

Australian wildfires, threats of war with Iran and North Korea, and then worldwide CORONAVIRUS pandemic and financial meltdown!

This, our third year of Travel, Adventure, Conservationhas been a year of uncertainty and contraction – it looks like all of our foreign travel plans and most of our longer domestic travel plans are bust for the next year but we’ve still had some great local adventures!

Check out some samples of our best articles from our third year as The Roaming Parkers!


Greece’s great martial history

The Roaming Parkers are Greece-bound! This fall we are headed to Athens for a couple of weeks and we are totally looking forward to exploring southern and eastern mainland areas! But why Greece? What put that idea in our heads?… Read More ›

Sounio’s Temple of Poseidon

The southernmost point of Attica, the mainland of Greece, has a remarkable ruin at Cape Sounio. Almost 3000 years ago, ancient bards like Homer sang ballads of the importance of Sounio as a trading port and refuge to which people… Read More ›

Marathon – more than a race

I suspect many of us have heard the story of the Battle of Marathon. Maybe not as many as have heard of the 300 Spartans at Thermopylae because Marathon has not been popularized in a Frank Miller comic book and… Read More ›


Where the Wild Things Roam

Part 1 in a series For a long time I’ve pined to explore the Wild Azalea Trail south of Alexandria Louisiana – a national hiking trail that stretches from Woodworth Louisiana 24 miles through the Kisatchie National Forest to Valentine… Read More ›


Lucy the lake monster

Our local Scout camp has been rated by Boys’ Life Magazine as one of the 8 Coolest Camps in the Country! Hood Scout Reservation has everything from a world-class shooting sports program to a fantastic COPE/Climbing program to an expansive… Read More ›