BEST OF 2020- 2021

Month-by-Month through the pandemic with the Roaming Parkers

June 2020 – Current River, Missouri

July 2020 – Clear Springs Lake

By this point we were getting stir crazy from everything being shut down because of the pandemic, so we bought a kayak and headed out to Clear Springs Lake for some outdoor social distancing!

August 2020 – Dulac Louisiana & Kliebert’s Alligator Farm

In August we hit the bayou to do some fishing. The redfish wouldn’t have much to do with our cracked crabs that we were using for bait but we did catch a couple of sharks, a stingray, and a bunch of black drum.

September 2020 – Topsail Island, North Carolina

October 2020 – Mitchell Farms Pumpkin Patch, Collins Mississippi

November 2020 – Legit professional author

It makes it official when I can convince people to start paying me to write things!

December 2020 – 1001 mile drive for a New Year’s Kiss

🎵🎵 And I would drive 1000 miles
and I would drive 1000 more
just to be the mom who drove 1000 miles to fall down at your door 🎵

January 2021 – Delta Driving Tour, Petrified Forest & MS River Basin Model

Vidalia Louisiana, Natchez, Ghost town of Rodney, Port Gibson, Historic Route 61 to Clarksdale, Auberge hostel (highly recommended), and Hooker’s Grocery

February 2021 – Mississippi Snowpocalypse

Global wierding is real for sure when it snows and freezes solid for days on end in south Mississippi and later the same year it is 121 degrees for weeks at a time in Canada!

March 2021 – Chickamauga, Chattanooga, Gatlinburg & Appalachian Trail

Solo hiking Chickamauga for a couple of days and then getting to do a short segment of the Appalachian Trail with my Shoogieboog was the best hiking trip I’ve ever had!

April 2021 – Paradigm Shifts, Canoeing Mississippi River, Delta Dirt Distillery

May 2021 – Graduation and piano recital

June 2021 – When the real craziness began!

Planned an international vacay, Sold 2 vehicles, bought a big truck for towing. Cancelled the international vacay. Sold a house, inherited a house, bought an airstream. rescued a cat, promptly lost him and rescued a second cat – then the first cat came back so we now have 2 cats. Got Cady a passport and re-planned our international vacay!

In all of our spare time, we taught swimming lessons, did swim checks for 2 troops worth of Scouts that were headed to summer camp. Had a triumphant kickball season and a magnificent softball season. Sent two sons and a daughter to staff Scout Camp, and had a fantastic visit from out Marine son!

I wonder what July has in store for us that can top that?

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