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  • Enipeus, the envy of gods

    The River Enipeus runs off the slopes of Mount Olympos and north-eastward toward the Aegean. Despite the wrathful curse of Zeus, Enipeus does actually reach the sea through the aid of modern man in the form of Litochoro canal. While… Read More ›

  • Spring colors spring forth

    This past week the cold colors of winter have exploded into bright Spring colors throughout southwest Mississippi – and none too soon in my opinion! Around here there is something interesting and beautiful to see in every season but I’ve… Read More ›

  • South Mississippi swamp shootout

    Florida anise has become one of my favorite old friends to see whenever I go hiking in swampy areas. Sometimes in low areas it grows so densely that you can’t help but crush some of it underfoot or brush against… Read More ›

  • To the point of no return and back

    The point of no return Around noon of the second day, it came time for a really tough decision. Having not planned for the extreme heat, I’d initially thought I might be able to do two 20-mile days and two… Read More ›

  • Crossroads of the ancients

    Situated strategically in the dead-center of land and sea routes between Western Europe and the Fertile Crescent, right in the middle of the Roman Empire and right on the edge of the Persian Empire, Greece (or at that time, Thessaly,… Read More ›

  • A hot, dry stalk

    Part 3 of a series – Where the Wild Things Roam Looking for water I had studied up on creeks along the trail so I was not surprised that first night’s camp was a dry camp – no water for… Read More ›

  • The howling wilderness

    Part 2 in a series – Where the Wild Things Roam I was making good progress that first afternoon along the clearly-marked trail, when I suddenly came upon a bulldozer track crossing the trail. Beyond the track, the trail was… Read More ›