Mississippi hiking suggestions

A couple of sure signs that autumn is near in southwest Mississippi are spider lillies and banana spiders! And when you begin to see those signs you know that it’s just about prime hiking season in the south!

3 Sure-fire signs that Autumn is almost here

When is this infernal Mississippi summer going to relent and give us a break!?  Usually we can look forward to a little bit of relief from the summer heat by around September and we can expect a first frost sometime around the end of October to mid-November. But this year everything has been early, and […]

And sure enough, a buddy just sent me a message asking for hiking suggestions so here are a few!

The 6 most rewarding hikes in Mississippi

Mississippi has so many fabulous places to go for a walk that this was not an easy list to come up with at all!  I guess it depends on what benefits you get out of the hiking experience – everyone gets something different out of hiking. Some of the most common benefits that I’ve heard […]

boardwalk leading through cypress swamp on the Natchez Trace Parkway

4 wonderful swamp hikes in Mississippi

Mississippi has a wide variety of opportunities for walking and hiking – everything from paved road hikes to hikes with hills galore! Swamps, bayous, marshes, and wetlands are amazing places chock full of fascinating flora and fauna – and Mississippi has its share of wonderful wetlands that are perfect for hiking! Percy Quin State Park […]

5 great hill hikes in Mississippi

Many moons ago, nearly all of Mississippi was a shallow sea, as evidenced by the shells and fossilized crabs and other sea creatures found throughout the state.  The result of this geological history is that most of Mississippi is low and relatively flat – the receding waters dragged soil with them and generally smoothed the […]

5 great road hikes in Mississippi

Sometimes you want to get outside but you want something of an in-between nature – in-between the couch and the woods.  How about a road hike where you are never more than a couple of steps from potential rescue and you probably even have cell reception the whole time! Mississippi has many natural wonders that […]

Backpacking Black Creek

Are you tougher than a Kodiak bear? I know a bunch of Boy Scouts who recently proved that they are, indeed, tougher than Kodiak bears! Six of the older, more experienced Boy Scouts from Troop No. 124 of McComb recently took part in a KODIAK leadership training course, during which they backpacked about 30 miles […]

Percy Quin just right for a Swamp Tromp

Percy Quin State Park is Mississippi’s most popular state park, and there are plenty of reasons why. It is a haven for golfers and anglers, and it has great facilities for camping and cabining. One activity that it seems few people associate with south Mississippi is hiking, but lately, Percy Quin has actually become my […]

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