Mississippi and adjoining Louisiana are not often thought of as a hiker’s paradise, mostly because of the ungodly heat, humidity, reptiles, and insects. It turns out that those are relatively minor obstacles and if you can get past those, there are some great hiking adventures to be had in and around The Hospitality State!

Heat & Humidity

Knowledge drives out fear but it does take a little skill to deal with oppressive heat and humidity safely – so here are some hints about how to have more fun with your outdoor adventures if you’re going to be hiking or camping or playing in Mississippi or Louisiana or anywhere with similar challenges.

Survive oppressive heat when hiking

Travelling in the southern U.S.? Going on an adventure to a tropical or subtropical or desert environment Planning on canyoneering in the summer? Here is a handful of helpful hints for surviving outdoor adventures in the extreme heat. Drink lots… Read More ›

Chub rub

Chub rub, chafe, friction rub, monkey butt, crotch rot, heat rash – whatever you call this unfortunate phenomenon, you know what I’m talking about and for hikers it’s a total pain in the… ahem… nether regions! It may be an uncomfortable… Read More ›

10 essentials – water

Something that you realize fast during any outdoor adventure or any disaster situation. Water weighs a LOT! 8.3 pounds per gallon adds up fast! Emergency prep experts tell us to try to stockpile 1 gallon of water per person per… Read More ›

How to deal with reptiles

Is that snake poisonous or not?

In the spring the weather begins warming up, trees begin greening, and hikers get the itch to be outside!  But humans are not the only things that start getting out in the woods in the spring. Snakes begin waking up and stirring… Read More ›

How to deal with insects

What repels insects and ticks too?

A while back I wrote an article about insect repellents, in which I mostly discussed DEET and citronella.  It is still tick season and the news media has been rife with articles about these horrible little ticks that can cause… Read More ›

10 Essentials – Insect repellent

Of all the 10 outdoor essentials that expert outdoor gurus tell us not to forget when we go outside, insect repellent is just about the most important around South Mississippi and Louisiana. Between West Nile and Zika mosquitoes, swarming gnats, and… Read More ›

Great hikes in Mississippi

boardwalk leading through cypress swamp on the Natchez Trace Parkway

4 wonderful swamp hikes in Mississippi

Mississippi has a wide variety of opportunities for walking and hiking – everything from paved road hikes to hikes with hills galore! Swamps, bayous, marshes, and wetlands are amazing places chock full of fascinating flora and fauna – and Mississippi… Read More ›

5 great hill hikes in Mississippi

Many moons ago, nearly all of Mississippi was a shallow sea, as evidenced by the shells and fossilized crabs and other sea creatures found throughout the state.  The result of this geological history is that most of Mississippi is low… Read More ›

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