Survive oppressive heat when hiking

Travelling in the southern U.S.? Going on an adventure to a tropical or subtropical or desert environment Planning on canyoneering in the summer?

Here is a handful of helpful hints for surviving outdoor adventures in the extreme heat.

  • Drink lots of water or you will die – perhaps as much as a liter/quart per hour if exerting in the heat.
  • Stay with your buddy or you will get lost and die – Make sure that you and your buddy know how to deal with extreme heat and heat-related illness.
  • Know the signs, symptome, and first aid for heat injuries and illnesses. See the infographic below.
  • Reduce your work periods and increase your rest periods
    • If temp is above 85 degrees F, exert 45 minutes and rest 15 minutes every hour.
    • If temp is above 90 degrees F, exert 30 minutes and rest 30 minutes of each hour.
    • If temp is above 95 degrees F, exert 15 minutes and rest 45 minutes every hour.
    • If temp is above 100 degrees F, suspend exertion.
  • Consider hiking at night, or schedule your hiking to happen in early am and late pm with a siesta in the shade in mid-day. You may have to carry a sun shelter with you for your siesta
  • Wear light clothing and a hat.
  • Don’t forget the sunscreen!

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