Enipeus, the envy of gods

The River Enipeus runs off the slopes of Mount Olympos and north-eastward toward the Aegean. Despite the wrathful curse of Zeus, Enipeus does actually reach the sea through the aid of modern man in the form of Litochoro canal.

While we were hiking on Olympos oros, we came across the source of the Enipeus (or close to it). It is, indeed, a site beautiful enough to inspire a myth.

Below: Litochoro in the Enipeus river valley with the Aegean in the background. Stones and bricks of the ruined old Monastery of Saint Dionysios. An oak tree in the courtyard of the new nearby Monastery of Saint Dionysios.

Greece’s great martial history

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2500 years ago blood poured out

Pain is temporary but Glory is forever – so the saying goes. Some years ago, before I’d ever visited and hiked at the battlefield at Shiloh Tennessee, people had told me that they could feel the spirits of the men who’d died there. I thought that was a bunch of malarkey, just people feeling what […]

Marathon – more than a race

I suspect many of us have heard the story of the Battle of Marathon. Maybe not as many as have heard of the 300 Spartans at Thermopylae because Marathon has not been popularized in a Frank Miller comic book and a big budget movie featuring mutants and ninjas – but Marathon was probably an even […]

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