Pack list for 2 weeks in Greece

Here in a couple of weeks, Elise and I are going to be heading to Greece for about 2 weeks. We’re going to be visiting Athens, Thermopylae, and Marathon, doing some beaching and maybe visiting the islands, and climbing Olympus.

We plan to do AirBnBs, pack everything in one backpack, and drive ourselves around for the most part.

It’s time to start putting our packs together. Here is what we’re planning to take. What are we missing? What can we do without?

  • airline and AirBnB itineraries
  • meds, extra contact lenses
  • Dollars, credit card, Euros
  • Passport, ID, international drivers licence
  • Backpack, under-the-shirt sling pocket
  • RAVcharger, phone, cord, international plug
  • water bottle, ketones for 2 weeks
  • swim trunks, sun glasses, hat
  • guidebook, journal, pen
  • 1x shorts, 1x slacks, 3x underwear, 2x teeshirt, 1x casual shirt
  • tennis shoes, 3x socks, water shoes

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