Why are boars suddenly so destructive?

Check out this article by Mississippi State University assistant professor Marcus Lashley.

A lot of it is common knowledge to anyone paying even a little bit of attention to their surroundings. We all know that feral pigs are a tremendous threat to pretty much everything. In fact, when my oldest son took a hunter safety class, the wildlife guys told him if you ever see a wild hog anywhere, you should shoot it.

“Anywhere?” He asked.

“Look,” The officer said. “If you see one of these things at Wal-Mart, kill it!”

But even though the article is largely old hat, it did raise some questions for me. The first thing that really caught my eye was this quote

When we told one private landowner about the results from our study, he responded: “That makes sense. Pigs eat all the stuff the other wildlife do — they just eat it first, and then they go ahead and eat the wildlife too. They pretty much eat anything with a calorie in it.”

It’s not like pigs have changed over the past few years. They have been on this continent for hundreds of years and they’ve always been ravenous omnivores, but before they were introduced to North America they were stable (or even considered beneficial) in their native environments in Europe and Asia.

So, why have they become so destructive in the past few years?

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