10 chefs & food personalities that inspired me

  1. My mom! – Anyone that can cook 3 meals per day for a family of seven every day for 40 years is a master chef!
  2. Justin Wilson – I guarantee!
  3. Irma Rombauer
  4. Emeril Lagasse – BAM!
  5. Rachael Ray
  6. Paula Dean – Everything starts with a stick of butter.
  7. Bobby Flay
  8. Paul Prudhomme
  9. Andrew Zimmern – try something new every so often!
  10. Michael Pollan – Eat real food, mostly plants, and not too much.

Mr. Cook milkshakes were NOT as thick as a DQ Blizzard

So, a couple of weeks ago I promised my Faithful Readers a funny, embarrassing, food story about my college days.  Here it is. Do y’all remember the Dairy Queen Blizzard?  Dairy Queen is an American burger chain and The Blizzard is probably their premier product.  It is soft-serve ice cream mixed with cookies or candies into sort of a […]

Peanut butter, jalapenos, and barbecue sauce!

The teaser on our Facebook group yesterday was, “What do peanut butter, jalapenos, and barbecue sauce have in common?”  Some people hypothesized heartburn or Pepsid, and that might be totally correct, but that’s not what we were thinking about. But before we get to the heart of this teaser question, it reminds me of a […]

Fried fish Fridays where!?!?

It would be a stretch to call fried fish even remotely healthy, but it is definitely a staple pretty much everywhere in the world.  The Brits love their fish & chips, and you’ll pretty much always find a pan-fried trout of some sort at any Asian place you go to – but it seems like Mississippians and […]

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