Disappointing melons dig at the heart of summertime

Summertime in the deep South is melon season, and few things are more synonymous with summertime around here as a sweet, ripe, chilled melon!

Around Central Mississippi the epitome of the watermelon is a red Smith County watermelon. I don’t know why, but those Smith County melons simply outshine all others for sweetness and flavor.

Just yesterday I split a Smith County watermelon for my daughters and imagine my disappointment – it was grainy and stringy inside – almost the texture of a spaghetti squash.

I’m sure that particular melon was an anomaly – not a sign of any decline in the reign of Smith County in melon production, but coincidentally just this morning our buddy Steven Rodgers pointed out a more systematic deficiency in melon production (go check out his blog article at the link below).

I’m sure [the cantaloupes] being produced today would leave a bad taste in the mouth of America’s most famous Horticulturist, Luther Burbank… A little over 40 years ago, fresh fruit was considered a dessert because it was seasonal, meaning once the season is over, that is it until following year!

…More than likely, persons reading this will never get the chance to taste a Pecos Cantaloupe or for sure a true Rocky Ford melon out of Colorado…

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