6 greatest benefits of Keto lifestyle

When we first started trying a keto diet and lifestyle, one of our coaches encouraged us saying,

“Within the first month, you will be able to tell a difference in your body. By the second month, your significant-other can see the difference. By the third month, everyone around you will be start doing double-takes!”

…and that is exactly how it worked for me. As I started shifting to fat-burning ketosis I could tell a vast personal difference within just a week or two. Then after about a month, Elise began commenting on the changes in me. All of a sudden, after a couple of months of consistency, people started doing double-takes!

Literally! Friends that I’d known for 30 years were doing double-takes and telling me that they hadn’t recognized me at first! By that point, all my clothes were falling off of me and I had to go back to wearing the clothes from the back of the closet that I’d last worn in college 25 years earlier.

You’d think that the rapid weight loss and muscle preservation would be the best part about the ketogenic lifestyle, but there are so many benefits to a ketogenic diet/lifestyle that 40lb weight loss and 3 pants size reductions in 4 months absolutely pales in comparison!

  • Mental clarity – Early morning brain fog – gone! Mid-afternoon lull – gone! Falling into a coma after eating lunch – no more! When I started shifting to ketosis, one of the first things that I noticed was a dramatic change in my mental clarity. It was almost as if someone had switched my vision from VGA to HD. Another friend described it as being like his vision suddenly went from B&W to color.
  • Energy – I’m not talking about the jittery breathless palpitation feeling you get from caffeine and other stimulants. This is a remarkably steady, sustained all-day energy.
  • Appetite suppression – Once you adapt to a keto lifestyle, cravings just go away! I can’t count the times I’ve wondered, “What the hell is wrong with me?” as I finished a bag of chips. “Why can’t I stop eating this stuff?” Well, that is no more. When you are eating keto, you get fuller faster and stay satiated longer. For a while, I still craved pizza and fried fish, but even that is largely gone now!
  • Better sleep – Elise noticed pretty quickly that I stopped snoring.  When the alarm would ring I’d spring out of bed (most mornings) ready to go. I also found that I started going to bed a little earlier and getting up even earlier until now, I am awake at 4:45am so that I can be in the gym on an elliptical by 5:30am.  The natural, restful sleep sets me up for a fantastic day every day!
  • Better mood – Who in the world wouldn’t be in a better mood when they are razor sharp and more energetic with no cravings, sleeping like a log, and wearing clothes they last fit into in college?! Keto people are seriously happy people!

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