Standing Judo – by Mikinosuke Kawaishi

The Roaming Parkers are purging some items from our hoarder stash – ahem – I mean, “collection,” and being both a book nerd and a martial arts aficionado, I wanted to send some of my most beloved books to homes where they will be loved and used!

Kawaishi’s Standing Judo

Mikinosuke Kawaishi was the Technical Director for the French Federation of Judo and was a 7th degree Judo Master during the 1960’s, when this book was published. Beyond being the head of Judo in France, most of his fame (that I’m aware of) came from his association with his student, famous judoka and therapist, Moshe Feldenkrais.

The copy that I have is the 1963 English translation by Jean Gailhat published in England by W. Foulsham & Co.  There is some edge wear to the dust jacket but the text itself is clean and tight.

The text presents 134 pages of information on transitions, combinations and counterattacks for specific Judo throws, divided into sections related to leg throws, hip throws, shoulder throws, arm throws, and sacrifices.

I actually have 2 copies of this book, one that I obtained during a phase when I was investigating Feldenkrais’ Judo history and another copy that was gifted to me by a judo buddy – but I’m not actually sure if it was a gift or a loan so I’m only selling my other copy.

Presently, the book is out of print and difficult to obtain.  You can get used copies from collectors on Amazon between about $150 and $500.

But I would love to send my copy to a loving home with a serious Judoka who will get a lot of use and study and practice out of it. Look me up on FB or send me an email and I’ll sell you my copy of M. Kawaishi’s Standing Judo for $125 (free shipping included).


This copy of Kawaishi’s Standing Judo has been sold and is being shipped to its new home.

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