Feed ‘N Flow by Lori O’Connell

Today for Foodie Friday I would like to give a shout out to an old buddy with a new exciting project.

Lori O’Connell has started a new blogging project titled Feed ‘N Flow to document her insights into Ketogenic Lifestyle, Outdoor Adventure, and Health and Well-being!


O’Connell and I are like long-lost siblings or something! Or maybe like Kirk and Spock in the crazy alternate universe episode of Star Trek called Mirror Mirror – I just don’t know which of us is the good guy and which of us gets the cool black mustache.


Parker and O’Connell – or is it O’Connell and Parker?!

It’s really amazing how her interests and blog niches and mine overlap.

O’Connell is a martial arts master, having done jujutsu for decades, whereas I have done decades of Judo and Aikido.  O’Connell is a kayaking and hiking fan, whereas I love hiking and canoeing!  We both love the ketogenic diet and lifestyle and how it fuels our adventures!  She is a movie star stunt double and I like to watch movies!

I know that she is going to knock this new blog project clean out of the park – so if you like RoamingParkers.com then you will love Feed ‘N Flow.com!

So head over there and check out Lori’s new digs!

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