The Eagles of Long Beach

While we were in Washington State to hike at Mount Saint Helens, we spent a couple of days playing on and around Long Beach, where we got our first glimpse at the Pacific Ocean!

Something else that we saw, though not for the first time, were Bald Eagles (Haliaeetus leucocephalus).  We occasionally see Bald Eagles at Percy Quin State Park, and we saw a nesting pair with babies (and a nest-cam) when we were at Shiloh Battlefield Park  A buddy of ours has even made a minor specialty of photographing Bald Eagles from a kayak on the Chickasawhay River – but for the most part in Mississippi they seem reclusive and elusive.

When we were at Long Beach we probably saw a dozen or so – male, female, and juvenile.  We saw them perching, flying, tearing at a seal carcass, and even playing in the surf!  Needless to say, it was a new experience for us!


I’d never really associated Bald Eagles with large bodies of water, but it turns out that they are actually classified as sea-eagles – opportunistic feeders eating mostly fish.  The 8-10 that we saw were certainly working that seal carcass over.


Photos by Elise D. Parker – The Roaming Parkers



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