9 lies that keep you on the couch

There are a lot of people that would enjoy outdoor activities like camping, hiking, or cooking out.  Some of those folks might even find that participating in more outdoor activities would change their lives in a really fulfilling way.

But unfortunately, some of these people have been lied to or have lied to themselves and those lies are keeping them on the couch where they’ll never know what a little outdoor adventure might do for them.


If excuses are a dime a dozen then here’s about 6 cents worth of the most common excuses that I’ve heard people use to avoid getting outside and trying some great activities that they might just love.

I’m not an outdoorsy person

  • But maybe you could be.  the only reason you’re not an outdoors person is that you haven’t tried it.
  • Noone is an outdoorsy person until they go outdoors.  Your accountant was not very accounty before he went to college and got a job.  Your mom was not very momish until she gave birth to you.

Don’t know how/never done it before

  • I bet if you think back to anything you especially enjoy doing inside, you can remember a time when you didn’t know how to do it.
  • You can’t learn how to do it without doing it.

Too strenuous/I’m not fit enough

  • Not all outdoors activity is strenuous.
  • Start easy and progress slowly – just like you would do for any inside activity you want to learn to do.


Too expensive/can’t afford it

  • go to a public park with grills to cook out or have a picnic
  • Take a hike on a nearby free nature trail.
  • Go for a walk and pick up trash in your neighborhood or at the High School track
  • Grow a garden (or even just 1-2 plants) in your backyard

Afraid of bears/alligators/mosquitos, etc.

  • In every aspect of life, knowledge drives out fear.  Look up some statistics and info about whatever freaks you out about the outdoors, then go outside to check out your new facts for yourself!
  • They sell pretty good mosquito repellents at the store near your house.
  • You can gradually desensitize yourself to whatever makes the outside unpleasant.
  • The Leave No Trace ethic tells us not to disturb wildlife anyway. This gives you greater motivation to stay farther from them.  Maybe you can buy some binoculars so you can watch intimidating creatures from afar.

Don’t like the hot/cold/wet/dirty

  • How do you know?  When is the last time you did something fun in the hot/cold/wet/dirty?  Go do it again!
  • Take your car with you so when you can’t stand the heat anymore you can climb into the AC for a while.


No internet/cell service/wi-fi

  • My cell phone works as good outdoors as it does inside.
  • You don’t have to go into darkest Africa or the Amazon jungle on your first trip outside.  Go outside but stay within cell reception.

Someone has made me feel like I’m doing it wrong

  • I bet they were doing it wrong too and they were talking smack about you to try to make themselves feel better.
  • The only way to do it wrong is to not do it or to stop doing it because of some no-consequence troll.
  • Alternately you could just go out and make a mess of whatever activity but own the mess and keep doing the activity with the goal of making a smaller mess of it next time.

No time/too busy

  • Everyone has the same amount of time in the day.  You are choosing to spend yours indoors, which is limiting your options.
  • Too much trouble with your kids?  If you take them with you when you go outside you could be saving them from the same pitfall that many of us walked into – saving them from being stuck inside, imprisoned and limited in their options.  Drones behind a desk.
  • Takes longer to get ready and clean up afterward than to do the adventure – only because you are not very good at it.  The more times you have to get ready and clean up afterward, the less time those activities will take.


If any of these excuses sound familiar – like they might have slipped out of your mouth at some time, then call me up and we’ll help you to figure out the best way to expand your horizons outdoors.  You’ll love it!