Roaming Parkers 2017-2018 food writing

The Roaming Parkers blog is coming up on its 1-year anniversary, and in the past year, we have published a LOT of great content related to traveladventureconservation, and food!

Does that sound like a crazy random sampling of blog topics?  Not to us, see all these topics overlap tremendously.  Adventure involves travel and vice versa.  And the more you travel and play outside the more you see of instances that Mother Nature or even just the world in general needs a helping hand (conservation) from you.

Food goes with all three of the other topics.  Of course, you’ll need healthy, nutritious food to fuel your adventures.  Traveling also means you will be exposed to interesting ethnic cuisines and a large part of conservation is protecting our ability to grow healthy animals and plants for food.

If you are a new-comer to our little online adventure, or if you just missed something the first time around, here is a recap of what we think is our best foodie writing from our first year!


Someone once joked that growing a garden is the best way to spend 5 months of toil in order to save $2.14.  There is some truth to that but the value of a garden goes way beyond saving some grocery money.

The produce can be as heirloom or not, as organic or not, as GMO or not as you like.  You have much more control about the quality of produce that makes it to your table.  Also, gardening – just the process of caring for living things – is therapeutic.

The Roaming Parkers usually have a garden growing, and we frequently blog and discuss aspects of growing, including…

_EDP8183Southern/Local cuisine

Growing a garden is a big part of life in Mississippi.  Most everyone has at least a little garden with a couple of tomatoes or some herbs.  The vegetables that are produced in our gardens then find their way into traditional southern recipes!

Of course, most of us are not vegetarians, so there are also a good number of blog posts about fish or steak or sausage…

And coming from such an amazing local food tradition, I even had a few food culture shock anecdotes from when I was away at college…

20180413_131606_HDRExotic/experimental cooking

One of the most awesome things about traveling is getting to try new foods and see how different people work with the same old staple plants and food animals that we use here – but they end up with totally different meals!

We also like experimental cooking!  Every so often we will bring home an intriguing sounding recipe and work it out for ourselves.  Sometimes the results are amazing and sometimes they are only so-so, but it is always fun and educational.

_EDP8204Camp cooking

Of course, when you off camping or on some other adventure, you still have to eat – so part of the Roaming Parkers blog involves trying out various camp cooking ideas.

Lately, much of what we’ve been trying has involved a Dutch oven, such as…

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