Roaming Parkers 2017-2018 outdoor adventure writing

The Roaming Parkers blog is coming up on its 1-year anniversary, and in the past year, we have published a LOT of great content related to traveladventureconservation, and food!

Adventure is kind of a broad category.  In our minds, it encompasses a lot of activities, mostly outside and mostly physically active, like hiking, mountain climbing, canoeing, swimming, camping. Even fishing can be an adventure!

If you are a new-comer to our little online adventure, or if you just missed something the first time around, here is a recap of what we think is our best outdoor adventure content from this first year!


_EDP1839The biggest of our big things this past year was a trip to Tanzania in east Africa to trek the Lemosho route on Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa and the highest free-standing (not part of a range) mountain in the world!

I wrote a lot in preparation for the trip, including a series on why famous mountain climbers like Mallory and Messner and Harrer climbed mountains and why I wanted to climb Kili.

Speaking of mountaineering and Reinhold Messner, I find him one of the most fascinating climbers that I’ve read about, so I’ve done several articles about him, such as:


South Central Mississippi is a paddling haven with Lake Tangipahoa and Lake Lincoln, Bogue Chitto and Black Creek, as well as numerous smaller rivers, creeks, lakes, and bayous!

During the past year, we’ve published accounts of our own paddling trips at IC Lake in McComb and at Black Creek, where we got run off by Hurricane Cindy!

We’ve also reviewed several guidebooks and memoirs about canoeing, including Ernest Herndon’s Canoeing Mississippi and Eddy Harris’ Mississippi Solo. as well as an amazing old documentary about infamous canoer, Vernon Kruger, who paddled more than 100 thousand miles through the Americas during his lifetime!

Lowland hiking is also an adventure


Although we have written a lot about our adventures on Kilimanjaro and our upcoming trek to Mount Saint Helens, The setting does not have to be the top of an ancient volcano to have a wonderful adventure.

Sometimes we hike on the Natchez Trace or down in a swamp or we clamber up and down loess bluffs or tromp through muddy pine plantations or we climb down and back up in a huge eroded canyon with a hidden wonderland in the bottom.

In fact, my favorite place to hike has become my local State Park just 3-miles from my home!

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