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The Roaming Parkers blog is coming up on its 1-year anniversary, and in the past year, we have published a LOT of great content related to travel, adventure, conservation, and food!

If you are a new-comer to our little online adventure, or if you just missed something the first time around, here is a recap of what we think is our best travel-related content from this first year!


_EDP1804Of course, our big thing this past year was our January 2018 Kilimanjaro trek with Chief’s Tours in Tanzania – the trip of a lifetime combined with a trek halfway up the highest mountain in Africa and a safari at Arusha National Park!

Elise’s African Adventures

fish river canyon namibia africaThis past year, Elise also wrote about several of her infamous adventures when she was traveling in Europe and Africa during high school and college.  Adventures like the time she hitched across Sossusvlei and hiked Fish River Canyon,  the times she hitched to Victoria Falls and worked at a safari lodge, or the time she chose the wrong airport in the wrong country to fly into and had to drag her luggage 80 miles through a lion-infested swamp before nightfall!

Elise’s blog contributions this past year were not just limited to her misadventures in Africa – she also posted her remembrances of  the first time she ever left the Continental U.S. (everyone has a first time, right?) and the time she had to sleep on a park bench at Stonehenge with Druids dancing about in the moonlight!

Trends & Destinations

serengetiIn 2017 and 2018, the Roaming Parkers have tried to keep up with Travel trends and let you, Dear Constant Reader, know just what was going on in the world of travel.

Cox&Kings travel agency came up with eight forces that are affecting travel in 2018 and beyond, and UAE’s National news site boiled them down to three travel trends.  There were numerous other articles throughout the year in which various gurus tried to pinpoint the trends and forces at work in the world of travel, but these two seemed to us to be the most relevant broad views.

We also published several articles about specific destinations that were trending, including a piece about where citizens of each U.S. state most like to travel, several of the most popular up-and-coming tourist destinations and our response to some of them, and the top 10 tourist destinations with the fewest tourists.

Places we want to go

floridaOf course, no travel blog would be complete without the obligatory bucket list.  The Roaming Parkers actually have a bunch of bucket lists, including a list of grand adventures and a second list of perhaps more “eventual” adventures.  One of the most recent places that has cropped up on our radar is Mount Kosciusko in southeast Australia – the highest point on the continent but still a day hike!

Connect with us!

The thing that makes this travel blogging thing so rewarding is the interactions we have with people from all over the world that we would otherwise never get to meet.  Blogging is only fun and informative if YOU interact and engage.

Here are several ways that you can engage with the Roaming Parkers blog and make it better for everyone!

  • Leave a comment on any current article.  We shut down commenting on older posts to stop spammers from trying to sell sunglasses and Viagra on our website but commenting is enabled for all articles younger than 2 weeks old.
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