Dutch oven apple pie or Cast iron King Cake!

20180315_185946I learned an amazing thing from a Boy Scout!  You shouldn’t be surprised because Scouts are a pretty sharp bunch, but this was over the top!  It was a cast iron Dutch oven apple pie recipe.  As soon as I tasted it I considered it proudly stolen!

Here’s how I repeated it (and kicked it up a notch or two) a few weeks ago.

Get several cans of canned cinnamon rolls.  For my 12″ skillet it took two cans for the bottom of the pie and two more cans for the top.  Unroll two cans of the dough and press it into the bottom and sides of a lightly greased 12″ cast iron skillet or Dutch oven.

Dump in a can or two of apple pie filling.  I used two.


Here’s where I kicked it up a notch.  To make the finished product a little more like a King cake I chipped up a block of cream cheese into the apple pie filling.  The problem was, this never melted properly, so you might want to melt the cream cheese first and pour it in on top of the apple pie filling.

Cover the top with cinnamon rolls.  I reckon you could unroll these too, or even unroll them and do a lattice, but I just left them whole and plopped them on top of the pie filling.  I was short by about one can of cinnamon rolls or else I would have spaced them closer together.


Cover the dutch oven, “Throw it in the fire, and rake a few coals over it for a while.”  I had to replicate it just to get a little more specific than “some coals for a while.”  It should work pretty good with 10-15 coals on top and 10-15 coals on bottom for 45-60 minutes.


After it is done and still hot, I kicked it up another notch by taking the prepared icing from the cans of cinnamon rolls and drizzling it over the top and then adding sprinkles.  I know, to call it a King cake it should have been green and gold and purple sprinkles, but this is what I had on hand as a proof of concept.


I told a friend about this recipe and she replicated it in a pyrex in the oven covered with foil.  I think she said she did 30 minutes at 325 and then took off the foil for a few minutes to let the cinnamon rolls get done.  She said it worked perfectly that way too!

I think next time I try to do a faux King cake in a cast iron I’ll use blueberry pie filling and melt the cream cheese before putting it in.  I’ll also, of course, use green, gold, and purple sugar crystals on top too.

The final thing you need to make this perfect is about a dozen friends to help you eat it – it is so over-the-top sweet that you’d kill yourself trying to eat it without a lot of help!

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