3 things you need for a successful Kilimanjaro climb

Washingtone, our head guide at Kilimanjaro told us that three things are needed for a successful Kili climb.  These are really good pointers for any guided trek, whether you are on Kilimanjaro Tanzania or Black Creek Mississippi or anywhere in-between.

  • Cooperation – You have to trust your guides and cooperate with them.  Sometimes it is the guide’s job to push you toward the edge of your comfort zone in order to get you to achieve something that would otherwise be impossible.  Help them to help you!
  • Solidarity – You have to work together with your fellow hikers.  A spirit of solidarity will help all of the hikers achieve more and be successful.  Maybe I can’t but we can!
  • Positivity – Negative talk or self-talk will undermine your ability to achieve a successful trek.  It is easy to become intimidated by the vast distances, the rugged terrain, or the imposing mountain hovering over you, but when you begin to express that or feed that back to yourself it can become overwhelming.  A can-do attitude will carry you a long way!