Buy experiences and memories, not stuff!

Everyone that I’ve ever read or listened to talk about a Kilimanjaro trek spoke positively of the outcomes.  Even the folks that got sick and couldn’t summit.  It is most commonly described as “life-changing,” or “transformational,” or just plain “awesome!”

It is not cheap.  For the Roaming Parkers, the trek cost about $1800 per person, the plane tickets cost about $1100 per person, passports and visas were about $200 per person, and tips and miscellaneous cost a few hundred dollars each.  So around $3500 each or $7000 for two people.  You could buy a good used car for that!

But you know, nobody I’ve ever talked to or read about buying a car has ever described it as transformational – at least not in a positive way.  The more stuff you buy the more stuff you have to buy.  Gas, insurance, maintenance and repairs, taxes.  A car, no matter how reliable, is a money sink for as long as you have it.

patand nathan red bluffSure, you probably need a vehicle, but you’ll never get as much satisfaction out of a vehicle as an outdoor adventure travel experience that everyone describes as life-changing and transformational!


The moral of the story – spend your money on experiences – not stuff.  Buy scars and memories instead of things that you have to keep up with and things that you have to keep paying for (financially and psychologically) over and over again.

Invest in intangibles.


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