The stars over Shira plateau

I know the Kilimanjaro stories are just barely trickling out – but don’t worry!  We have TONS of stories – probably months of stories from Kilimanjaro.  And we have lots and lots of photos.  This material is trickling right now because we are still processing – digitally processing photos and psychologically and spiritually processing our experiences.

People ask me to tell them all about it and I’m like, “Where do I start!?”  I actually responded that way to someone today and they made it easy on me by asking, what was your most favorite, best experience?”

One of the favorite moments that comes to mind first is camping on Shira plateau – this is a moor that has grown up on the plateau of an ancient, extinct, and eroded volcano.  We camped on Shira plateau our second and third nights, and the sky was breathtakingly amazing!

The above photo is not stars over Shira plateau – it is the lights of distant Moshi-town as seen from Barranco camp at about 13000 feet.  We’re still processing photos and Elise might have some night sky shots.

It was the most stars I’d ever seen.  There were so many stars of all colors and magnitudes that it was nearly impossible to pick out constellations.  The only constellations I recognized were Cassiopeia and The Southern Cross.

For some time now I’ve been craving real dark and real silence.  Darkness so complete that I can actually see stars, and silence so deep that it would make you think you could hear the stars.

Shira plateau was a great place for both of those.  Now I’m looking forward to seeing if I ever find a place that can out-do the stars over Shira plateau.


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