Tropical, sea-level, and flat

Don’t get me wrong, the Roaming Parkers loved Kilimanjaro and we had a blast on that trek, but let me give any would-be adventurers out there a bit of advice.  You probably can not stay blissfully married (like us 😉 if you schedule grueling, rigorous adventures (like Kilimanjaro) back-to-back one after another!

_EDP1779You need to alternate venues, activities, and skill levels so that the variety helps you recover and prepare for the next big thing.  Mix up the mountain climbing with some fishing or glamping.  Alternate excruciating plane flights with road or rail trips (or even staycations).

During the most rigorous parts of our Kilimanjaro trek, it came to us almost simultaneously – our next big thing is definitely going to have to be tropical, sea-level, and flat.

That became the mantra that kept us going – tropical, sea-level, and flat!


We might entertain the thought of returning to Kilimanjaro to make another attempt at Uhuru peak, or maybe hiking some of the Colorado 14ers – but not until after we’ve gotten a good dose of tropical, sea-level, and flat!



















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