Kilimanjaro is like a 3-legged pig

There was an iconic local stand-up comedian in the 1970’s and 80’s named Jerry Clower known for his uproarious stories about rural Mississippi life.  Clower was so boisterous and loud that he earned the nickname, The Mouth of Mississippi.  Clower used to tell a story about a man who discovered a farmer with a 3-legged pig and he asked the farmer, “What’s up with the 3-legged pig?”

“That there is the smartest pig in the world!” The farmer replied.  “You can ask him addition and subtraction problems and he’ll cipher for a while and then stamp and snort out the right answer!”

“But why does he only have 3 legs?

“One time our house caught on fire and that pig ran in and dragged my children out to safety!  He’s that great a pig!  I love that pig like he is a member of my family!”

“But you still haven’t explained why that pig only has 3 legs!?”

The farmer looked indignant, “Well, a pig that good you can’t eat all at once!”

Kilimanjaro is a lot like that 3-legged pig.


The Roaming Parkers made it to about 4200 meters – just shy of 14000 feet – and decided to come back down rather than attempting the 19341-foot summit.

We could recite a litany of excuses but it comes down to the fact that it was not fated to happen that day and became more and more obvious that we were courting a lot of misery if we pressed on, so we turned back to recover and plot a return to Kili and another summit attempt in a couple of years.

We just couldn’t eat the whole pig at one time!


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