Leaving on a jet plane!

Tomorrow we’re off on an adventure!

Actually, the adventure before the adventure, because the only way to get plane tickets to Kilimanjaro without spending more than $10000 per ticket is to incur incredibly long lay-overs in multiple cities.


We’ll be flying jetBlue from New Orleans to New York, where we will have a 12-hour layover.  Despite the huge amount of time on the ground, several people that either travel a lot or have lived in NYC have assured us that 12 hours is not enough time to get out of the airport, into the city, do something, and get back for the next leg of the flight.  Plus, all the nearby hotels are $250 per night.

So we’ll be airport denizens for the duration of the layover – Sort of like Tom Hanks in The Terminal.  I wonder if they’ll let us set up a tent city in the concourse?


Then we fly Qatar Airways from NYC to Doha, Qatar for a 3-hour layover.  If 12 hours was not enough time in NYC, 3 hours is certainly not enough to do anything in Doha.  Maybe next time.


Finally, we will be flying Qatar Air from Doha to Kilimanjaro, Tanzania to complete our 52-hour pre-adventure journey!

The Trek operator is supposed to meet us at the gate and we’ll pause long enough to get visas and then we’re off to Moshi Town and Selig hotel to sample the local fare and pass out for a few hours before we embark upon the hike of a lifetime!

Some time in there, we’ll have gear inspections and will rent anything that we’re missing – like our trek poles that we can’t bring on the plane.

Stay tuned, Constant Reader, for more adventures from the Rooftop of Africa!



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