Free 7-part course in basic map & compass skills

compass-940370_960_720Someone asked on a FB group that I belong to about what to look for in a good compass.  In addition to that information, he got a lot of free advice about learning how to use a compass.

Well, it just so happens that I have a series of articles on Roaming Parkers from a few months back on that very subject!  I thought I’d collect them here for the fellow that asked the original question, and because some other folks might have missed them and might benefit.

The seven articles include info on –

Now, as I stated plainly in the last article, and hinted at in some of the other articles – just reading over this won’t help you much.  You need to actually get a compass and a map and practice these skills at home or on nice tame hikes before you actually need these skills to save you in the bush!

young male wearing a backpack walking up a rocky trail in the woods

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