Wildflowers of Mississippi by S. Lee Timme

Whether you are digging for information about the Goldenrod and Black-eyed Susans that you see growing on the side of the road in Mississippi, or you are curious about the threatened or endangered carnivorous pitcher plants that you can find in the wetter areas of the Black Creek Wilderness – Timme’s Wildflowers of Mississippi is the indispensable resource.

The downside of this as a field guide is that it is dense with scientific names for plants, and it is organized by scientific families, so it is not easy to use for plant identification.  It is also only available in 7×10″ hardback so it is actually more of a leave-at-home book to keep on your desk to refer to when you bring back cell phone pics of plants that make you curious.  Perhaps a better take-into-the-field book to stuff into your backpack would be the vinyl-covered paperback of the Audubon Guide to North American Wildflowers.

These inconveniences of Timme’s Wildflowers of Mississippi are  more than offset by the beautiful full-color photography and the abundance of information and commentary on each plant. A great bonus is the introductory section with good information about geographic and physiographic growing regions, which definitely help when trying to figure out which plants grow in a particular area.

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