Three travel trends for 2017 and beyond

aconcagua mountain south summit in south americaUAE news site, The National, recently reported on three new trends affecting the travel industry.  These are the sorts of things that I (Pat) couldn’t put my finger right on, but reading them they make perfect sense.

Transformational Travel

A growing segment doesn’t just want to switch off and recuperate from the grind at work.  Instead they are looking to remake themselves – literal re-creation through life-changing experiences often involving physical and emotional challenge as well as exposure to different cultures and world-views.

Bragging Rights

Travelers are more and more interested in documenting their travels, not only as a way of making memories, but as a way of being sure that their friends know that they did something truly unique and remarkable – something that no one has done before.  In a world where the horizons are closer than ever due to modern transportation and communication technology, it can be hard to find a destination that no one has done before, but travelers in 2017 still long for the experiences like those of the explorers of old.

Making a difference

Modern travelers are not as interested in a vacation centered on passive consumption. Instead they want to use their down-time to make a difference – to solve a problem. Whether it is doing trail repairs on an aging hiking trail, searching for Ivory billed woodpeckers, or building water systems in Africa, more and more people are looking to put their skills and talents to work in the service of some cause during their time-off.

pale billed woodpecker in costa rica perched in a tree

Roaming Parkers feel it too!

If any or all of these new travel trends sound like you or someone you know, don’t fret! You’re not alone!  We’re right there with you!  The Roaming Parkers totally feel these three forces at work in our lives, and they are playing a huge role in how we are planning the things we want to do with the rest of our lives.

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