Don’t make your own job harder

ueshiba.jpgYou hear a lot of talk in aikido classes about being light and gentle.  It takes a long time for some people to buy into that model of martial arts practice.  It might help you to think about it like this…

If you do something

that makes the other person

frightened or uncomfortable

Then he will naturally resist

whatever you are doing to him

You are making your own job harder

so STOP!


You’d be better off doing nothing at all than doing something to make the other guy fight against you more desperately.

Ueshiba said not to do aiki that everyone can see, instead do INVISIBLE AIKI!

(…because if they  can see it and they know it is directed against them, it will make them spazz out and fight harder.)


Adapted from an article at Mokuren Dojo blog

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