Plastic drinking straws vs. paper or steel

I know all of our regular readers have seen the posts here at Roaming Parkers about the terrible news about plastic trash – stats like 40% of the world’s oceans covered with plastic trash!

But have any of you seen this horrific video of a turtle with plastic coffee stirrer stuck in its nostril?  This makes it a bit more graphic than a bland statistic.

Did any of y’all read just this past week, the study that suggests that 94% of the U.S. drinking water systems are contaminated with microscopic fragments of plastic?

We have to think globally but act locally.

We have to study to understand what is happening to the environment at large, but most of us will be unable to act on a large enough scale to affect things globally – at least in a rapid, visible way.  So we have to re-think how we are contributing locally to the problems that we see globally.

If enough of the little guys can intelligently change their own lives, then eventually we will start to see improvement globally!

Paper or steel drinking straws

One interesting thing that came across my news feed this week was a reminder that back in the day before we had plastic straws, people used fully biodegradable paper drinking straws!  If I ever knew that then it was when I was a very small child and I’d totally forgotten it!

That seems like it should be a really easy way to act locally to help with this global problem!  The problem is that even though paper straws are still manufactured, they are currently more expensive than plastic straws.  But it might be worth it if you intend to be serious about acting out your beliefs about plastic trash in the environment.

Another interesting potential is to purchase and carry your own stainless steel drinking straw.  Again, they are more expensive than plastic, but not prohibitively so – especially since each person would only need to buy 1 or 2.

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