Global weirding

The weather and climate and seasons have been wacky this year!

  • Everything budded and bloomed 3 weeks early this year.
  • The entire summer was rainy and temperate instead of unbearably hot and muggy.
  • But guess what has been unbearably hot?  My jalapenos from my garden are usually very moderate in heat, but this year they are so hot that no one around here can eat them!
  • I had a cherry tree and a red maple tree shrivel and die for no apparent reason.

And now this!  Today I saw a persimmon tree budding and leafing out as if it were Spring, but get this – it’s sitting right next to a ginkgo tree that is beginning to turn yellow for the Autumn!


Not only that, but yesterday, my wife photographed these spider lilies (traditional first sign of Autumn) blooming right along side azaleas (mid-to-late Spring flowers).


What’s next?  Gardenias and holly berries would make for beautiful Christmas decorations.  We’ll see!

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