The goal of martial arts

A lot of times in our martial arts classes, we get hung up on throwing people down – as if that were our goal.  It isn’t.  We are not out to topple and smash – our real goal is to develop and demonstrate control –

  • We want to develop such exquisite control of our own bodies, our strength and mobility and balance, that no opponent can take that control away from us.
  • We want to be able to control our own minds and egos so that our personalities do not become disbalanced.
  • We want to be able to extend that mind-and-body self-control into the rest of the world – to be able to exert some control over situations and people that have become uncontrolled.

If we could first convince ourselves that this is actually our primary goal, then a second step might be removing those things from our practices that run at odds to that goal.


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