Searching for the Chatawa Monster might not be a total waste of time!

Here is a fun article that proposes that cryptozoology might not be quite as pseudo a pseudoscience as some scientists like to say.

… while there are strong ecological and evidence-based reasons to doubt the existence of charismatic cryptids such as Nessie and Bigfoot, conservationists should not automatically dismiss enthusiastic searches for “hidden” species. In fact, cryptozoology can contribute to conservation in several ways…

You know what is exciting to me?  When we can start to figure out the limits to our knowledge!  When we can draw a circle around how much we know and estimate what is outside that circle – that’s cool!

A recent mathematical model predicted that at least 160 land mammal species and 3,050 amphibian species remain to be discovered and described. Other predictions suggest that a large proportion of undescribed species will go extinct without ever being recorded or conserved at all – a phenomenon we might term “crypto-extinction”.

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