Expansion of Devil’s Eyebrow in Arkansas

This place sounds like a Wonderland! Check out this verbiage from the Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission –

devils-eyebrow-2012-05Devil’s Eyebrow Natural Area is located at the northern end of Beaver Lake along Indian Creek and its tributaries. The terrain is rugged and steep, consisting of deep, bluff-lined hollows separated by steep ridges. Much of the area is underlain by alternating layers of chert and limestone that include caves and many springs. Plant communities are diverse and include high quality glades, woodlands, bluffs, rich hardwood forests, and riparian forests. Devil’s Eyebrow supports one of the highest concentrations of rare plant species in Arkansas with several species typically found far to the north and others that are restricted in distribution and considered globally rare…

What turned me onto Devil’s Eyebrow was an article in Washington Times about a plan by the Northwest Arkansas Regional Planning Commission, with assistance from the Wildlife Foundation, State Park Services, and the Nature Conservancy to purchase a bunch of land surrounding Devil’s Eyebrow to expand the wildlife area.  And this is after another 630 acres were added at the beginning of last year.

devils-eyebrow-2012-02Sounds like the regional planners have a good thing going!

I totally want to go see this place!  It just so happens that they mention a 12-mile strenuous hiking trail!

Photos slurped off of the Arkansas Natural Heritage Website,

but I claim Fair Use because I’m trying to drum up some hiking buddies! 


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