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This fellow’s name is Tim Moss,  He is a British adventurer and he is in the business of changing people’s lives by encouraging people to live more adventurously with storiesfree advicebooks and an expedition grant.


The expedition grant is really the coolest and most forward-thinking thing that I’ve run across in a while!  See, Tim collects small donations (like £3 at a time) into a fund and each year he helps to finance a handful of small adventures for people around the world with the goal of helping first-time adventurers off the ground and sharing their adventure stories!

The Roaming Parkers applied for the small adventure grant in 2017 but the field of competition was full of such great adventures so we didn’t make the final cut.  But that’s okay! Check out some of of the great adventures that Tim helped to get started!

Huzzah! to Tim for helping make the world a more adventurous place!


Go check out Tim’s Next Challenge blog and website at www.thenextchallenge.org or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/thenextchallenge/ – then come right back here and hang out all day! 😉


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